We gave away some T-shirts and got an amazing thank you!….

Jambo Michael,
On behalf of the children of Prison Primary School (7-13 years) in Nakuru, Kenya, a huge thank you for your generous gift of so many tee shirts which were very much appreciated. The children have so little and they were delighted.

I took a class of fifty five kids last Wednesday, who spent the morning colouring their names which I had drawn in outline for each of them. They then added extra decoration of their choice and we had a group photo taken of them proudly wearing their T shirts.

I took the six remaining small sized t-shirts with us when we all did the daily stroll with the children to have lunch at The Walk Centre (3-6 year olds) and they were used as prizes on Sports day the following day (held in a field full of cows and the very many cow pats!)

The trip was an amazing and humbling experience…
Very many thanks again for your contribution,
Regards, Jan x

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