Gildan 2017 – Guess what’s new

Gildan’s annual release of new products is upon us. This year includes 6 new styles and very few deletions, as only underwear (and socks) gets dropped!

67 Styles & 99 Colours!  – That translates to 6 New Styles and 11 new colours*


The hidden secret is that the Tear Away Tag is coming to more products. Tear away tags are pulled out so the shirt can be cleanly relabelled with a screen-printed neck label. So much more easy than cut and sew and great news.

The Mens/Unisex 64000 Softstyle shirt will benefit from the tear away tag and it now comes in 19 new colours, so 55 Colours in total. Because 9 shades of blue is not enough!


This colour palate dominance may seem like overkill, but we think it is a good idea. The Softstyle is printed, re-labelled and embellished in many ways and often commands a strong retail price – it is, as we sell it, a basic volume product. Many of the new colours are flecked Heather tones, responding to good sales and a desire to build a strong fashionable story. Good stocks (over 6 million pieces at the time of writing) and compliance auditing mean the Softstyle shirts are an easy choice for customers big and small. More colours will translate to more sales, even if it gives us distributors a few more headaches 🙂

We have historically encouraged Gildan to be cautious with new products – from a purely logistical viewpoint every new style means more and more space to be found! However in the last couple of years our sales are increasing when stock is hard to find as customers know we can complete orders.

The #1 (and#2) New styles from Gildan are the Softstyle Polo Shirt in Mens G64800  and Ladies version G64800L. Both are close to 180g/m2 and come with self colour buttons, so fit the markets demands. Ladies get 4 buttons, Men have to make do with two.

See all Gildan’s new products HERE and their entire range HERE

We mentioned  the 11 New colours* Of the 11 new colours 8 are all made with 100% polyester filament jersey knit fabric. Filament fibres are long, very long, have very little twist and so they create a smooth shinny fabric…..Clearly,  the fabric dictated the colour change, so these colours will only be made in a couple of styles. The Mens G46000 and Ladies G46000L Core Performance (Shiny) T-shirt.

Gold  >>becomes>> Sport Athletic Gold and yes it is a slightly different colour from Gold (Pantone 1235C v 1225C). 8 colours become Sport Athletic XXX ……AGRAGAAHA! is the scream of confusion – passing this sort of detailed colour info to our customers and the end user is always tricky at best. It also means we can’t (easily) substitute the new Core performance style, for another performance style. We often offer customers options if stock is low or tricky.

The wildcard of new products is the  99500 Tech Hood.

It is again made of filament fibres, which give a technical look and shiny surface. A very AthLesiure look! We think Gildan have missed a trick by printing a transfer neck label as this hood could have been a good one for re-branding. As it is 100% Polly the hood will take a sublimation print but the only colour that will work is the Safety green. Interestingly this hood  is *not* made in White (in Europe or the USA).

The final new item of 2017 is the G64550L Softstyle Ladies Deep Scoop T-shirt.

Lots of  colours (15) especially in heather tones. Do our customers need a deep scoop T-shirt? I’m not convinced, but the colours and fabric are the right choice. We are also hearing promising feedback direct from the January Trade shows.

We think Gildan have done a good job with product selection this year. We like adding colours to a core product & the Softstyle polo shirt looks like a hit. We are certainly keen to see an end the revolving door of Polo shirt styles. It usually takes 2-3 years for a polo shirt to build a customer base, and stock needs to be available all that time

The best news is the increase in tear away tags for 2017 and hope this will continue!

Disclaimer PAG  was established in 1969. We distribute clothing and therefore do have a little bias – but we also have a lot of experience, a reputation for honesty and product knowledge. We hope the honest knowledge bit comes over strongly and always try to keep our bias in check!

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