Our newest brand

At PAG we choose carefully, we always have. We only want to represent the best brands and we welcome Independent Trading Company as their exclusive UK Distributor.

Independent make the French Terry Hood I took as a sample…but have now lost to my wife. Independent make the Polly Tech hood that we sell for £12.73 but is so darn good it can re-brand & resell for £60 in Soho. Independent make the Snow Camo & Camo Green Hood that really does stands out.

They undoubtedly have exceptionally well made product, made with thought and added detail. Some of their garments are double the price of the mass market/volume option.

Now this is the point some of you may be thinking “that sounds expensive” but I know some are getting excited about a range of products without the price first mentality. Independent gives you a foundation product  good enough to be chosen 3 days a week & then chosen again – when you know the girl/guy you fancy may be there! Independent is not about throw away fashion – with Independent you throw on, again and again.

The DNA of these garments is west coast USA. Independent started off as a private label producer, for leading edge surf brands (They still do loads of high end custom – take a look) and are now stocking their own range of blanks. As this his high end, private label evolution shows. It shows in the product, simple stuff like tear away tags (on all products) are complimented by quality construction & detailing. Over 4 million pieces are stocked in 2 USA locations. We are stocking core/key products in London and are able to airfreight additional stock within 2 days!

Just the other day, one of our customers was looking at a a super heavy hood, made to order by Independent for Fox Racing – they were blown away by the construction detail, started telling us about the time they met Paul Smith! before he was famous 🙂

Paul said “Other people care about what the outside of the garment looks like – I care about the inside“.

Paul Smith, our customer & Independent Trading Company – care about the inside, about the garment construction. Making a garment, hang well and wear well.

Our first favourite product, the one that got us hooked, was the Coach jackets (with or without a hood). They are unlined so easy to print multi colour, have tear away tags. The brass eyelets and poppers screamed Carhartt to us. We can wear them while unloading a truck in the rain and when we go out after work. Can’t wait to get some printed samples back form customers. Plain garments are great but adding strong brand creativity to a foundation product – more than a some of its parts.

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