Gildan Mens T-shirt Sizing

Sizing is personal & hard to describe, but it does matter – so here goes – Lets take you behind the spreadsheets and spec sheets to give you the real low down on Gildan Mens T-shirt sizing.


So the good news is Gildan make their garments in factories that they actually own – this is a big help with consistent sizing (and colour) as the staff, management and customer are all working together. The same shirt is made by the same people; again and again and again…to the tune of over 7 billion shirts!

Whilst Gildan have an inch tolerance built into their T-shirt spec sheets, it is rare to see anything like that deviation.

Gildan = The most consistent T-shirt manufacturer we have ever known*

*PAG was established in 1969 and always at the premium end of the market, this is high & genuine praise from us.

Classic Fit vs Euro Fit, well, it is complicated!

*Active fit sits in between and is only relevant for the performance garments.

A quick glance at the above spec sheets would make you think that the shirts are the same spec, same fit, that you would be the same size. Take a second look and pay attention to the sleeve length measurement, that does not only relate to the sleeve length but also the real life, 3D, chest measurement. The narrower shoulder of the euro fit, pulls up the shirt and makes it more clingy…or figure hugging.

Gildan’s 2017 Catalogue has the below photo, including Classic, Active & Euro fit. Classic and Euro are the same chest measurement , armpit to armpit, but the Euro fit has a narrow armhole, shorter shoulder & sleeve, making a tighter fit.


Take a look at the “To Fit” size table below is another way to explain the difference – and possibly the simplest.

To Fit.jpg

Note – The bigger the size the more difference between the shirts. This is accurate. The “to Fit” sizes above and the images below of Small to XL T-shirts agree.

Light Blue shirts are the Classic Fit, Heavy T-shirt. The Orange are the Eurofit, Softstyle T-shirt.The shoulders and arms are quite different in every size from medium up, but the flat chest is identical, across all sizes.

Broad guidance that we sometimes offer is to consider the age of your customer. If they are teenagers, they will probably be more comfortable in the SoftStyle shirt. Once people get into their thirties or forties, that shirt may start to be a bit clingy and the Ultra-T or Heavy-T are often preferred.

Obviously age is not the only consideration (This would be reversed for a Hip-hop Convention Vs a Triathlon) but age is a good starting point.

Gildan’s roots and reputation are very much North American. So it is understandable that the majority of their Mens/Unisex T-shirts and Polos would perhaps be the Classic american box cut – but wait – prepare to be amazed!

Only 4 of the 22 Unisex T-shirt & Polo Shirt styles are Classic fit!*

*Based on the European product range for 2017 (USA  products are available as special order from PAG)

Gildan = More Euro Fit Styles for Europe!

Take a look!

Style – with Link Which FIT
43800 Performance Adult Double Pique Polo S-3XL Euro Fit
75800 DryBlend Adult Double Pique Polo S-5XL Euro Fit
85800 Premium Cotton Adult Double Pique Polo S-3XL Euro Fit
85900 Premium Cotton Adult Long Sleeve Double Pique Polo S-3XL Euro Fit
64800 Softstyle Adult Double Pique Polo S-2XL Euro Fit
4100 Premium Cotton Adult T-Shirt S-2XL Euro Fit
64000 Softstyle Adult T-Shirt S-3XL Euro Fit
64200 Softstyle Adult Tank Top S-2XL Euro Fit
64400 Softstyle Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt S-2XL Euro Fit
64V00 Softstyle Adult V-Neck T-Shirt S-2XL Euro Fit
3800 Ultra Cotton Adult Pique Polo S-2XL Classic
5000 Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt S-5XL Classic
2000 Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt S-5XL Classic
2400 Ultra Cotton Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt S-5XL Classic
42700 Performance Adult Sleeveless T-Shirt S-3XL Active
8800 DryBlend Adult Jersey Polo S-2XL Active
8000 DryBlend Adult T-Shirt S-2XL Active
42000 Performance Adult T-Shirt S-3XL Active
42400 Performance Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt S-3XL Active
46000 Performance Adult Core T-Shirt S-3XL Active
Sub42 Sublimation Adult T-Shirt S-3XL Active

Disclaimer PAG  was established in 1969. We distribute clothing and therefore do have a little bias – but we also have a lot of experience, a reputation for honesty and product knowledge. We hope the honest knowledge bit comes over strongly and always try to keep our bias in check!

12 thoughts on “Gildan Mens T-shirt Sizing

  1. If you think the Heavy Cotton ever has the same dimensions as the Soft Style you need your eyes testing. These measurements render the article redundant.


    1. Habib, the entire point of the article is that the shirts are different!

      Are the flat chest measurements the same? Yes.
      Does that mean the shirt has the same dimensions? No
      Would some photos help – Take a look above!

      The spec sheets are produced by Gildan, but we have checked them with hundred of batches…. and they are accurate.


    1. Hi David – A very good question!
      The simple answer from me is that we pay more per shirt so we charge more. There may be some interesting dynamics with label cost or logistics but I suspect when you compare the performance shirt to other similar items – It is a really good price.

      Sublimation shirts may be slightly more competitive and are usually destined for retail, so more people looking at the cost. Frankly: I imagine Gildan decided to make a little less profit to hit a price point.

      Good news is that you know this and can save some £££ 🙂 Happy days!


  2. Dear Sales,

    I’m interested in placing an order for blank t-shirts without anything printed on it. Below comes as the details i am looking for;

    Brand: Gildan 2000 Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt

    Size: Adult Small
    Texture: 100% Ring Spun Cotton
    Color: Charcoal
    Quantity: 250 Pcs

    Size: Adult Small
    Texture: 100% Ring Spun Cotton
    Color: Sport Grey
    Quantity: 200 Pcs

    Size: Adult Small
    Texture: 100% Cotton Ring Spun Cotton
    Color: Antique Cherry Red
    Quantity : 200 Pcs

    Kindly get back to me with an invoice or a total cost of all 650 pieces including VAT.

    I will be arranging courier service to collect from your office after payment is done and ready for collection.

    Also, do advice the mode of payment you accept via-email or phone.

    Kind Regards,

    Kenny Bayless


  3. Hi Kenny, if that is your real name 🙂

    This sounds like the oldest scam in the book. This is our 50th year in business, so we tend not to get caught out. Maybe our next blog post should be about this sort of scam?

    Of course we may have totally misjudged this, and you will be happy to send cleared funds to our account? (Not phone payment with a possibly stolen card, no reversible overpayment, no B.S.)

    The truth is that we know good, honest, hardworking customers that have been taken in by fraud and we do not like it.


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