Gildan £500 Give away!

That is right, we are giving away a £500 voucher to spend online, with us, on any Gildan T-shirt, Hooded top, Polo shirt… in-fact anything Gildan on our website

Why Gildan? 

PAG have distributed Gildan since they started in Europe, we are proud of their vertical manufacturing and CSR credentials….but most of all, because this giveaway is all about colour.
How to enter: Post a comment on this thread and tell us something about Gildan Colours or your favourite Gildan Colour, it needs to be at least a a few words to avoid the spam filters and one entry per person. Something like:
99 Colours but a Peach aint one!
Sand, because it is back in stock this year! 🙂
Maybe your like the new heather-tones that make up some of the 55 colours in the Softstyle T-shirt…whatever it is….You get the idea….Just post a quick comment below.
The Small Print – Winner will be chosen at the end of June with the help of One entry per person. £500 must be used online, in July and the item must be in stock with Gildan (That is about 40 million items of clothing).
Now if you are ever struggling to get Gildan stock do let us know, we are super specialists at locating Gildan stock. Anytime you hear “Computer says No” from another Gildan stockist, please call us. More often than not PAG can help.
While you are here , we’d love you to take a look at some of out other blog posts – A detailed look at Mens T-shirt sizing is a favourite. We will be doing a similar in depth look at Kids and at ladies sizing this summer, and plenty more!


Number 2!

Colours to match your mood but even i’m not that moody
ill take the metro blue on the train when i hit the town tonight
always a winning combo with denim
Thank you to everyone for thoughtful and creative comments!

130 thoughts on “Gildan £500 Give away!

  1. If you will not go with me
    I will never find another
    To pick wild mountain thyme
    All along the purple heather
    Will you go, lassie, go
    Lassie, go


  2. I love all the Safety colours – Safety Orange, Safety Pink, Safety Green. Would be great to screen print a bunch of them for merchandise, recently started a wee thing with my pals/coworkers. I’ve always loved how solid Gildan stuff is.


  3. Can be sung to the Del boy theme tune ……….There’s mint green, forest green, heather green and Irish green with antique green and heather green but my favorite is electric green or was it nut green – oh well they both match me!


  4. I like that Gildan offer a range of more muted colours and heathers… plus it’s easy to find the pantone/rgb/hex on their site, so you can use it when designing 😉


  5. Gildan ultra t shirts in black – been buying band t shirts for 20 years and all the best are printed on Gildan heavy or gildan ultra in black! They’ll always be the best choice for any bands merch.


  6. How wonderful they make the world, these colours?
    What can compare to the beauty they bring? Not even flowers!
    But oh, what a pity it is for me.
    For I cannot taste it’s true vibrance, you see.
    My world is a bit duller than yours.
    God, why is it so? Must I beg on all fours?

    I may see a streak of colour on the sky, sure, it’s beautiful!
    But you witness the true spectrum? What a load of bull!
    Excuses me, but I know red, yellow and blue!
    But tell me, what is it called, this striking hue?

    Oh silly me, I’m exaggerating my sorrow.
    Certainly don’t need your eyes to borrow.
    I’m perfectly content with the world i see.
    “It’s beautiful enough!”, I’ll shout with glee.
    As long as I get to keep my Gildan tee.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Heather Sapphire and Antique Sapphire. These are the colours you stare at before lazily dozing off in a deck chair, tanning by the pool on a sunny summer day. Colours of the pool, colours of happiness and the warm feeling you get knowing today is going to be allllright. : )


  8. The Gildan T=shirts are a staple for any wardrobe As a business owner who creates custom T-shirts for cancer patients and charities we tried out more tee brands than you can imagine Gildan’s are durable consistently sized, cheap in price but in quality and come in a wide range of fantastic colours.


  9. I have been using Gildan 33 Unique colours for so many years. Now I fall in love with all new colours that’s makes Gildan Brand stand out with 55 colours . Have bought all colours .
    But My favourite is Sand.

    Kind Regards


  10. Gildan, Gildan makes me feel wholesam… green, yellow, blue and black, the fluorescent colours are where it’s at… Heather Orange, Heather Blue…. or dress in white to be super cooooool….


  11. Based on personal experience it has to be between cherry red and royal blue, as when they arrived they almost blew my head off they are so vivid. I look back at the photos and it makes a massive difference to my portfolio.


  12. The blackest black clothing you can find! There are shades of black and Gildan has the undoubted best! (Along with all the other amazing rich colours) – perfectly compliments the rest of my wardrobe!

    At least one item of clothing per outfit is always Gildan.

    The best!


  13. Cheery Red all life! It’s a super intense tone, the best one in your spectrum of reds: not too orangish, not too magentaish! I love cherries as a fruit as well 🙂 plus, if I a Gildan Cherry Red tee shirt, I would surely match it with my lipstick…intense red as well!


  14. Cheery Red all life! It’s a super intense tone, the best one of your spectrum of reds: not too orangish, not too magentaish! I love cherries as a fruit as well 🙂 plus, if I had a Gildan Cherry Red tee shirt, I would surely match it with my lipstick…intense red as well!


    1. Ahh – a customer that knows us…yes way back in 1969 we printed gifts, like pencils. PAG = Print-A-Gift, we shortened the name to avoid confusion, back in the 80’s. When it was amazing to get like 8 colours in T-shirts. Remember the long Wham white ones!? Anvil were the first to really expand the colour range in the 90’s. Now it is 99 Colours from one brand!


  15. BLUE………, “You look lovely today”
    RED……….., “You smell great”
    YELLOW…, “Lost weight?”
    PURPLE…., “I like your t-shirt”
    GREEN……, “The guys at PAG are so helpful”

    “GILDAN”……………………, Such ‘Complimentary’ Colours!

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  16. In the NAVY
    Yes, you can sail the seven seas
    In the NAVY
    Yes, you can put your mind at ease
    In the NAVY
    Come on and join your fellow man
    In the NAVY

    PAG want you, PAG want you
    They want you as a new recruit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Paul,
      Azalea Banks’s 212 tune is a firm favourite for unloading trucks here at PAG – If Azalea is on the truck – 212 is played. A party breaks out, dancing with boxes and pallet Jenga! Uninhibited stuff.


  17. With the help of our T-Shirt Printers, Phantom Screenprint in Redruth, we’ve been selling hundreds of Navy (Blue) Gildan T-Shirts – the colour we chose for our St Ives Sailing Club shirt.

    We’ve tried other colours, but everyone in the club loves the Navy – maybe because like the Navy we go to sea (though not in our shirts) or maybe it’s the colour of the water.

    Either way, Navy wins hands down.


  18. I m loving the heather colours right now, great for the summer designs. Plus i like that gildan black is actually black! unlike some other brands that claim that they are black but look a lot more faded. Been using Gildan since day one of opening my business.


  19. You’ll never close your eyes anymore when you see these Tee’s
    There’s no finer touch than before when you feel these Tee’s
    You’re trying hard not to show it.. Baby
    But I know now..
    You’ve got that Gildan Feelin’
    Whoa that Gildan Feelin’
    You’ve got that Gildan Feelin’
    It’s number one, one, one… Wohwohwoh!


    1. I just love India Rose…not a colour this year but her name is so charming,
      it should become one and I hope she wins.
      Michael, Groundwork, an old lost customer who may use you again !


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