Flash Sale

It is our first ever Friday….

Flash Sale.jpg


Flash Sale!

40% Off – for one day only

But before we get into that – The first place we will ever announce a Flash Sale is here on our blog – Follow our blog if you want to get first dibs on the stock !

This week is a good one, 2 Down Jackets, 2 Denim Polos and we are offering Fruit of the Loom’s number 1 T-shirt……(drum roll) ………. the:

ValueweightT F610360


To see the stock and buy – Click “Select All” and “Expand All” on the product page. The price you see is before you have added the 40% Discount Coupon. So Colours are on sale for only £1.00 each. Limited stock, while availability lasts, no returns….. yada-yada-yada.

Select all f610360


We have loads more stock on the way, but the stock on sale is the stock you see in the Available Today field.

Add the coupon Value17 during checkout – That is it!


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