After you Tear-away the tag

Ever since Anvil introduced Tear Away tags, nearly a decade ago, we have been in love. At least for retail – Printing a T-shirt with a the manufacturers label is so 1980’s. Cut and sew is slow and often done badly… so yes, Tear Away and re-print your label.

Before we get down to it: Please – Do not confuse *Tear Away Tag* with *Tagless*.

Tagless is actually the worst thing for Re-labeling and is also responsible for some of the most embarrassing commercials featuring Michael Jordan. His Airness was paid to dance around, pretending he could not cope with the itch from a neck label, comfort could be found with the printed neck label of Hanes underwear #firstworldproblems.

What happens when you try to sew a neck label over a Tagless Sweat and put it on sale in Selfridges for £125? What always happens – someone shares a photo!


After *you* Tear Away the Tag, you will print and your garment is “tagless”. SO, Buy Tear-Away and Sell Tagless. Got it?

How easy is it to tear-away? Really easy!


Which items come with Tear Away Tags? These items do.

I’ll allow myself a little wriggle room here as things change and you may read this in the future but nearly everything from Anvil & Independent Trading Company. Gildan is adding Tear-away all the time, loads of the T-shirts. Including the lovely new Hammer Ts

There is stuff you need to put in a label:

  • Fibre content
  • Care/washing instructions (As text or the much better option of symbols)
  • Country of Origin (sometimes, see below, some way below)
  • Size (Optional)

Much more interesting is the chance to add a bit of a marketing message on there – the neck label is nearly guaranteed to get a look at the point of purchase. If you are selling online, take close up photos of the neck label.



You can have fun with the sizes and the Fabric content – Your brand, your people, your language.


Washing/care instructions need no words – time for Symbols!

Now back to the Country of Origin often known as COO. In the EU, you do not need to put the COO on the label, but you must not mislead people. If the design on the garment could be deemed misleading, you must put the COO. When I was speaking to the local trading standards office the example they gave was “If a garment carried the British flag on it but it was made in Hong Kong, then the garment should include a label to that effect.”

Also be aware, whilst you do not need to state the COO in most instances, if you do state the COO – it must be correct. Fraudulent labeling of goods is Illegal.

Need help with your neck label? Sure thing, send us a mail, or post a comment below.

Disclaimer PAG  was established in 1969. We distribute clothing and therefore do have a little bias – but we also have a lot of experience, a reputation for honesty and product knowledge. We hope the honest knowledge bit comes over strongly and always try to keep our bias in check!


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