£500 Give away! – Pigment dye

That is right – Once again – We are offering the chance to win £500 of merchandise! The winner can choose anything on our website 🙂 BUT we do like a theme and this year we are talking Pigment Dyed and Garment Dyed.


WHY? Because it is SOO SOFT! If you have not touched a Comfort Colours T-shirt yet, oh boy you are in for a treat! Softer than an Andrex puppy in a bath full of Fairy Liquid soft. The processes are also often favoured by folks looking for softer colours, pastels shades.

We have some colours that make standard garments look pigment dyed – Coral Silk for example. That colour in a Hammer T has all the sweet soft shade and touch – I’d swear it was, really.

h000-256-alternate1_lrg with print

How to enter: Post a comment on this thread and tell us something about Pigment Dyed or Pastel garments it needs to be at least a a few words to avoid the spam filters and one entry per person. Something like:
I love soft shirts, sweet songs and strong cocktails! 
I thought Comfort Colours was a few T-shirt styles – styles like the ladies shorts are just perfect for the laid back life.
Pigment Shmigment! Nothing is softer than my open end cotton T after 1000 washes! 
Maybe you want to tell us about how your brand, store, event or customers would benefit form these luxury garments …whatever it is….You get the idea….Just post a quick comment below.
IND 4000 pastel
The Small Print – Winner will be chosen at the end of July with the help of Random.org. One entry per person. £500 must be used online in August and the items must be in stock.
Now if you are ever struggling to get  stock do let us know, we are super specialists at locating stock. Anytime you hear “Computer says No” from a main stream distributor, please call us. More often than not PAG can help.


And the Winner is:

number 8

Number 8 – Congratulations Ryan!

32 thoughts on “£500 Give away! – Pigment dye

  1. My favourites are Gildans royal blue and classic white is of course a must. These new t-shirts looks very nice though and I like the soft colors. I’ll try them next time I order.


  2. With these pastel colours coming in were the big news for the SS18 catwalks, this is the perfect time to make them work using the products on offer by PAG


  3. £500 Is that give away at RRP or can I have some discount? Always like a pigment dye but love them with a discount.


  4. We’d love to give some pigment dyed gear a go!!

    Heading towards AW and some super soft and hoodies and tees would be perfect for our customers, paired up with some great print and embroidery.

    Great site guys, love the brands you distribute.


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