Meet Kenya’s T-shirt Lady!

Every year Jan takes time out from her “normal life” and travels to Kenya, helping those in a less fortunate position, Children that have little/no accessibility to the things that we take for granted. With the help of Gildan, PAG were able to supply Jan with one-hundred plain t-shirts to distribute to the school-children in Kenya. Jan spent lot’s of time helping the children with decorating their t-shirts with all sorts of bright, vibrant colors! It’s always important for us to help out those in a less fortunate position than ourselves. PAG Leisurewear love the positive impact this has had on the children over in Kenya.

It is with great pleasure that, upon our T-shirt donation, we  received a heart-warming response yet again from Jan Pickett upon her visit to the Walk Centre in Nakuru, Kenya. Jan contacted us to let us know how “thrilled and so very grateful” the children were for their shirts which was accompanied by some lovely photos of the children with their new t-shirts as you can see!

Initially, when Jan visited Kenya in 2016, she thought it would be a ‘one off’ visit. Nowadays, she say’s that the children “even call me the t-shirt lady!” and went on to say that “I have met and been welcomed by them and during the time spent there, they write you little notes which I will always treasure.” After her third consecutive visit, Jan also said that “I now feel a part of the ‘family’ of ongoing programmes of volunteering help, with the children getting to know you and you become involved in their lives, seeing them develop and grow.” It is simply incredible to know that our work here at PAG Leisurewear can help and support those in a less privileged position than ourselves.

Jan further went on to say that “apart from the issue of a free school uniform and a meal of Ungali and cabbage every day, they have little else to call their own.”  A T-shirt and a little attention puts a smile on these children faces, no matter the hardships they tackle on a day-to-day basis. Jan also told us that “this is why PAG Leisurewear’s generous donations have had such a positive effect. The kids were over the moon that not only had they each been given something of their very own, but that it was absolutely brand new and especially for them.” It is with heavy smiles that we are pleased to see the children’s happiness towards our donations and are truly humbled upon the amazing response we received.

As well as letting us know about the amazing response to our donation, Jan passed on the thank you’s from the children, the teachers at the Walk as well as a thank you from Lisa (team leader from Chichester College) for our generosity. We would like to pass on these thank you’s to everyone who made our donation possible. The response we have received is enough to warrant our reasoning as to why we here at PAG Leisurewear continue to donate to the children in Kenya. Jan and the other returning volunteers from Chichester College are planning well-ahead for their 2019 visit to see their ‘family’ again in Nakuru and we are just as excited as they are.

Roll on 2019!

The T-shirts used in Kenya and mentioned on this blog post are Gildan style 5000B Heavy T we previously wrote in detail about the sizing of these shirts  but I can find no other posts with so many smiles 🙂



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