Trade Show 2019 – Our 50th year!

To kick off our 50th year in business, we decided to exhibit at the Printwear show for the first time since…well, we think about 12 years. Our 3 rules for exhibiting are:

Rule 1: Have something to show that no-one else is talking about.

American Apparel Fine Jersey – a massive price reduction, now only £1.75 at case price. If you sell to an audience that will appreciate the quality and brand recognition of American Apparel you now have a price point that works.

We know of plenty of other “Fashionable Brands” that have imitated the American Apparel look, but nothing matches the original 🙂

Independent Trading Everything! – We are the only EU distributor for independent Trading to offer the full line. Over 50 styles, we hold stock in the UK and we bring in airfreight every weekend. Our customers have over 8 million pieces of Indy available.

The stars of their line include the IND4000 a real heavyweight hood at 330 gm2 (10 OZ) with cotton/polyester blend, 3-end fleece. GENEROUS sizing and a stand out fit. If you want to know just how nice the Indy Hoods are…Check this amazing testimonial, that we recorded live, in one take, at the show.

Indy started 30 years ago, making bespoke products for Californian Surf brands. Now bespoke is responsible for only a quarter of their sales but the stock lines retain the high end, ready for retail finish and fabrics. Check out the entire range at www.PAG.Clothing

ORGANIC! A fantastic range of organic garments are now being made by James & Nicholson. New items are being added to our site now, that include sweatshirts, hoods and pocket tees.

Not since Anvil changed strategy have we been able to offer so many Organic items – we are delighted J&N have stepped up.

Rule 2: Don’t be boring.

We do very much appreciate the challenge of “excitement” at a B2B T-shirt show. 50 years in the business make it easy to be jaded but it is SO much more fun to bring a Friggin Skate ramp to the NEC and hire some of the best riders in the country. Woop. Check what is involved:

We first spoke to the Four One Four team when they called us for Coach jackets having seen one they liked in a local skate shop – they liked it enough to track down the manufacturer and that led to us. Not every business takes a sales call about a couple of dozen jackets and ends up having a beer in Birmingham! It is the sort of thing that we value about the size and nature of our business.

Rule 3: Make friends

We need your help for this one 🙂 We had a blast in Birmingham but would love to make some new friends and new customers 🙂

Our new website is now live at, we hope you get a chance to visit!

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