INDY – New & Coming soon!

Most our brands have very predictable product release cycles. This is the way of B2B, steady and reliable – planned SKUs that may be in the line for between 5 to twenty years. Independent Trading cause us more problems, they create products on the fly – and right now we are terribly excited about what they have in the pipeline 🙂

Possibly the most fun new colour ever:

Black Camo

Available in the best selling IND4000 CAMO – now with 5 Camo options! Including Snow Camo, Army Camo, Forest Camo and Tiger Camo.


The IND4000 also comes in loads of other colours that you can see here….Back to Black … Black-camo also comes in the Fitted Zip hood and the Fitted hood.

The Legend is Cross Grain

SO on from our favorite colour, to our favourite new products. Matching Hood and Sweatshirts made in the legendary Cross Grain 450gm2 Fabric – Cross grain is not only awesome but also reduces the vertical shrinkage that is common in high cotton content hoods. The 450 gram per sq meter fabric is seriously heavy.


The IND5000C Sweatshirt above


The IND5000P Hood below



These garments are Indy’s showpiece, blue riband, standout, can’t be bettered, you want the best? the full monty, buy-cheap-buy-again, you can’t handle the truth, I’m your huckleberry, knock out….best…sweatshirt…in the world.

I mean LOOK at those SIDE PANELS and drool over those LONG CUFFS!


We are obviously very excited about them and hope you are too! 🙂

Next UP – Sweat Pants


The IND20PNT in Camo, black and Grey are coming in June/July and they are bringing a friend the IND20SRT Short




Crop Hood – Boom!INDAFX64CRP_colour-blush@45 (1)INDAFX64CRP_colour-blk@2INDAFX64CRP_colour-bone@78INDAFX64CRP_colour-blackcamo@2

You want proof that Indy is the most progressive brand? Thousands of these crop tops are available from stock – it was an easy choice, with Indy customers slicing other styles to create the crop look.

Three other Ladies tops have already set records …. the highest ever pre-books on an Indy style!

🌊Wave 🌊Wash … Hoods, Zip Hoods and Sweats

Part of the premium collection these styles are made with 3-end fleece and have a lovely soft handle.  The lightweight 230 gm2 fabric is 55% cotton and all three styles have raglan sleeves.

All come in the same pastel friendly shades, so are perfect to sell together as a range offering your brand something special and different from the normal.

That is it for this  “Whats New from Indy?” There are more items coming all the time but these are our favorites & as exciting as these garments are – remember Indy also custom manufacture. So if you want something special, just for you…Let us know 🙂

As always – if you need more information just get in touch Or post a comment below.

Disclaimer PAG  was established in 1969. We distribute clothing and therefore do have a little bias – but we also have a lot of experience, a reputation for honesty and product knowledge. We hope the honest knowledge bit comes over strongly and always try to keep our bias in check!

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