Pigment is alive!

Unisex Pigment Dyed

Whilst we are sad to see Comfort Colors shut down in Europe and the UK we are looking at a glass half full – Independent not only make two beauteous pigment dye products but they can also make you a custom colour.


  • Colour match and existing hood that is discontinued / Out of stock?
  • Custom Tye Dye?
  • Fashion colour?

Real Custom Tye Dye!



Pigment Hoodies
Pigment Black, Pigment Maroon, Pigment Slate Blue, Pigment Alpine Green, Pigment Sandstone, Pigment Light Blue, Pigment Mint, Pigment Pink, Pigment Yellow


Pigment pullover sweats
Pigment Black, Pigment Maroon, Pigment Slate Blue, Pigment Alpine Green, Pigment Sandstone, Pigment Light Blue, Pigment Mint, Pigment Pink, Pigment Yellow

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