closedWe have decided to close PAG.

The business has obviously evolved significantly and repeatedly since 1969. Our inclination and instinct is always to keep going, to work harder and to make stuff happen. We enjoy the fight, the physicality of the trade and it is  completely counterintuitive for us to make this decision.

In January we were nearly half way through an excellent financial year but we believe that January “reality” is no closer, to the current situation, than the days of printing gold foil on playing cards – when my parents met and the business was formed.

The decision to close would not even be under consideration if not for covid-19 but we have other indicators, some of them unique to us, pointing in one direction.  The most significant is that we *were* moving our warehouse to expand and we are far enough down that process, that we can not remain at our current location. The easy decision to make a significant investment, in a new warehouse – has reversed.

With no corporate events, no sport, no restaurants to uniform and no concerts happening in the current reality, we have decided to move early, pay all our bills and cease trading.

We are all hoping that things will improve quickly, that we can rub shoulders with friends and strangers again soon. We hope that T-shirts outsell PPE and even that Brexit is a threat to trading (oh those golden years :-). Our view is that the current trading reality will be the dominant one, for at least 18 months.

You were probably not, I hope, expecting optimism from this post….. The trauma I have personally felt since making this decision final at the end of March is closer to grieving than I had imagined it would. Very odd indeed. I have clear memories of climbing on T-shirt boxes aged about 4 in the less regulated 70’s! I’ve known the business ever since. But if our warehouse situation was different we would be carrying on, so here comes the optimism, we would be using the time wisely. Maybe some of our action list could relate to you, maybe it will help you think of a better idea, so here goes:

  • Stock take and tidy goods – the corporate version of the bedside draw. See what you have, what you want to keep and what is getting in your way. 
  • Find customers that are (already) stronger post covoid-19 – They exist.
  • Review credit limits, terms and the likely cash flow that the “free for a year” money will create. Accounts at companies house are already out of date. They will remain out of date for years now. The system is not built for such fundamental and rapid change. Could payment with order be your default position?
  • Make that marketing Calendar now, right the outbound blog, email, auto responder. Do it like the deadline is upon you. Do it for the next 18 months.
  • Do digital. We did cloud based CRM in 2008, phones not long after that. Instagram is more recent, TickTock would be next…What platform can you invest time in now?
  • What could you do to make your job or business more fun, more worthwhile? The old reality was more location based, the new reality could be more performanced based. Use this opportunity to prove how you can work better.

This last idea can apply to a business owner or an employee. I used to be my most productive parked in the car park of my favourite mountain bike trails. I’d work until the task at hand was done and then reward myself by flying over the trails, or at least I’d try, to fly :-). The tricky bit, for me, was dealing with my protestant style work ethic. I’d not only need to get the work done, but make it very visible. This reality makes it easier to prove yourself on performance. Just showing up does not count. Can you work near something you love to do? Can you become the most productive guy/gal in the business? Your customers, your boss, your colleagues all have time to notice the work you do and be receptive to it. Do good work and *make it visible*.

We at PAG have always been successful building sales for North American brands in the UK, what started with importing Hanes has most recently been replicated with Independent Trading. Not wanting to see our work with Indy go to waste, we have set up our friends at Buffalo Trading with all the contacts and knowledge to supply Indy stock to you. If you need help with that or something else, please do email our usual adress and we will pass on or try to help as is applicable.

The list of thank you’s after 51 years is very long hopefully we can do many of them over time and even in person. We wish the best to all of you and hope we can create a better reality soon.

Stay safe,

Michael Hanreck


12 thoughts on “Closed.

    1. Hello Michael,

      I felt sad reading this notice.

      It has been a real pleasure working with you and your team. It makes me smile remembering how you always had us on our toes, pulling rabbits out of hats even.

      I wish you well in your future projects, and will keep fond memories of PAG!


  1. I can in and asked loads of questions as I was getting closer to laughing and wanted samples and you guys were great, giving lots of info on the brands and tees. I’m sorry reading this too! I wish you and all your staff the best and hope somehow you reup in the future!


  2. Michael,
    You and your team set the standards which the rest had to follow. It has been a privilege to know you.
    Best wishes on your next journey.
    Jim, Linda, Gavin, & Staff at Bar One Clothing.


  3. Best wishes to Michael, Kurt, Jakub and the rest of the team. When I lived nearby, I used to enjoy popping into the warehouse for a chat (mainly with Ian) and a cup of coffee made on Michael’s pride and joy machine. Best of luck for the future! Paul.


  4. Was devastated to see the news and only just found this blog entry. Thanks for the indie trading hookup, those were and hopefully still are my premium hoodies!

    Thanks for all the love and support over the years (and all the hats, James & Nicholson, so many G5000s/2000s and then the game changing Hammer), answering my quibbles sent at 2 in the morning, still rumbling on at ground level since 2014… It’s a tough industry.

    All the best guys, hope to see you return in some form when the time is right. Sounds like you did the wise thing hitting “pause” on a strong point and seeing where the industry is going. Get on those holographic T-shirt downloads from TikTok and beat them to it.

    Owner at BJUM: Design & Make


  5. Good morning Michael
    I am just seeing this post (years behind, I know)
    Your words are very interesting, precise and on point (as usual)

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for everything that you guys have represented over the years.
    My warm regards to you, your Dad and the rest of your family and work family also.

    All the best in everything you do, now, always and in all ways, Amen.


  6. Hi Michael,

    Dont know if you remember me, we were neighbours in Westgate. Very sad to read the above, I wish you all the very best in your new ventures and certainly hope that our paths will cross one day, whether in business or socially. My regards to your family too.



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